Quantum Mist more efficient and reliable than ever

Image of Quantum Mist more efficient and reliable than ever

For the 2020 vineyard spray season, we've given the iconic Quantum Mist vineyard sprayer a complete make-over.

When it comes to disease control in vineyards, spray coverage and performance efficiency are key.

The high-volume, turbulent air delivered by Croplands Quantum Mist sprayers works by opening up the foliage, allowing spray to penetrate into very dense canopies. This ensures more accurate coverage onto both sides of the leaves and into the tightest of bunches.

It is this technology that makes Croplands fans quite simply the best on the market.

More efficient and reliable than ever before, the 2020 range of Quantum Mist vineyard sprayers are all fitted with the new QM-420 axial fans.


QM-420 Fan

Released in 2019 after extensive research and field testing, this industry-leading hydraulic driven fan products highly turbulent air for superior penetration and crop protection. It is also extremely quiet and energy efficient.

Fitted with dual spray rings, the QM-420 has a total of ten nozzles to allow for a wider band of application rates, while minimising off-target spray drift.

QM-420 Fan - dual spray ring, ten nozzles

The 2020 range includes new offerings in single, two and three-row sprayers as well as an updated design for Quantum Mist linkage sprayers.

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