New Spot Fan Nozzle for WEED-IT

Image of New Spot Fan Nozzle for WEED-IT

Croplands releases new low drift nozzle option for industry leading WEED-IT optical spot sprayer

Nozzle selection plays a critical role in precision spray application and the management of drift reduction.

With this in mind, Croplands has been working closely with German nozzle manufacturer Agrotop to develop a nozzle solution exclusively for our WEED-IT optical spot sprayers. This nozzle is targeted for situations where drift reduction is paramount.

As with all spraying, the operator must choose a nozzle that is suitable for the target being sprayed and the chemistry being used whilst eliminating off-target drift. This new product may assist the operator in achieving that aim.

Spray Quality Chart

201908 WEED-IT Nozzle Table

2,4-D products
Croplands and Nufarm in conjunction with industry have worked with the APVMA to obtain permits to use Amicide Advance 700 and Trooper 75-D products through Optical Spot Spray units such as WEED-IT.  The APVMA has issued a permit (PER87570v2) to use OSST technology which delivers only a COARSE spray quality with a 75 cm boom height above the ground if only 10% of the application area is treated. This new nozzle (EXTREMELY COARSE) for OSST can be used under this same permit but with the same maximum weed cover (10%) as the current nozzle (COARSE).

Click here for a copy of the APVMA permit. Ensure you fully read and understand prior to use as different record keeping requirements apply in addition to the boom height and droplet size requirement.

Part number: TDSF-4003 (Agrotop SpotFan #03)
Part number: 114441-1-CELR (Cap and Seal black to suit above)