New Spot Fan Nozzle for WEED-IT

Image of New Spot Fan Nozzle for WEED-IT

Croplands releases new low drift nozzle option for industry leading WEED-IT optical spot sprayer

Nozzle selection plays a critical role in precision spray application and the management of drift reduction.

With this in mind, Croplands has been working closely with German nozzle manufacturer Agrotop to develop a nozzle solution exclusively for our WEED-IT optical spot sprayers. This nozzle is targeted for situations where drift reduction is paramount.

As with all spraying, the operator must choose a nozzle that is suitable for the target being sprayed and the chemistry being used whilst eliminating off-target drift. This new product may assist the operator in achieving that aim.

Spray Quality Chart

201908 WEED-IT Nozzle Table

These nozzles are available exclusively from Croplands - contact your local Croplands OPTIMA or WEED-IT dealer for more information.

Part number: TDSF-4003 (Agrotop SpotFan #03)
Part number: 114441-1-CELR (Cap and Seal black to suit above)