Industry collaboration key to development of Quantum Mist Smart Spray

Image of Industry collaboration key to development of Quantum Mist Smart Spray

Croplands have drawn on expertise from across the viticulture industry to develop the new generation Quantum Mist Smart Spray.

In 2017, the Croplands Research and Development and Horticulture Product team embarked on a mission to design “the best grape sprayer in the world”. With the support of parent company Nufarm, significant resources were invested into this ambitious goal. In line with the company vision to create innovative application equipment for sustainable agriculture, Croplands consulted with a select group of business partners and industry professionals from around the world to explore and deliver the development of various revolutionary concepts.

Jack Maljaars

Jack Maljaars hails from Prosser, Washington State. His company - Vinetech Equipment - distributes Croplands' sprayers in North American. Vinetech has sold the Quantum Mist™ product across North America since its inception and has successfully built and sold thousands of fans in that time. Jack played an integral role in developing the new Fusion Controller and complementary hydraulic drive system to drive the new Smart Spray system. This highly intuitive spray rate controller is specifically designed for viticulture. With a full colour touch screen and integrated joystick control, both sprayer and boom functions are easily managed from the comfort of the tractor cab.

David Manktelow

Croplands also engaged the world leading insight of Dr David Manktelow – independent scientist in plant pathology and spraying application based out of New Zealand. David is extremely well known in the New Zealand spraying industry and has a passion for sustainable practices in horticulture, having worked with the AWRI facilitating viticulture spray workshops across Australia and New Zealand. His insights into new and emerging trends for pest and disease control and ability to identify potential solutions have been a major driver behind the whole project.

Steven Schiller

During the prototype and in-field validation stages, Croplands have worked closely with Steven Schiller, a progressive and premium Barossa Valley vigneron. This work has provided valuable insights from an owner and operator perspective to ensure the new technology delivers not only exceptional coverage, but is also user friendly and simple to operate.

Collaboration and consultation is vital in the development of any new product. Croplands recognises the input of Jack, David and Steven along with the various internal team members who have worked together to bring the Smart Spray to market.

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