Croplands to launch WEED-IT in Canada

Image of Croplands to launch WEED-IT in Canada

Taking sustainable spraying expertise to North America as the new Canadian distributor of the world’s best-selling camera-based spraying system

Western Canadian crop growers will soon have a new ally in the battle against weeds with the launch of WEED-IT optical spot spray technology at the Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan, June 19-21. WEED-IT uses advanced sensors to detect chlorophyll in the leaves of weeds in fallow fields, triggering a targeted herbicide application. The precision spraying technology saves growers time and money with spraying and reduces overall herbicide usage.
Croplands Equipment has led the charge in bringing WEED-IT to market, with over 10,000 WEED-IT cameras sold in the past five years. WEED-IT has been instrumental in helping farmers gain the advantage in weed management and control across the globe.
“Although we have different climates, Australia and Canada face similar issues when it comes to crop protection, including herbicide resistance, increased environmental awareness and rising input costs,” says Croplands Equipment’s Steve Ross, who will be showcasing WEED-IT at Canada’s Farm Progress Show. “WEED-IT has helped Australian growers make tremendous inroads in the fight against weeds, and we see the potential for it to do the same in Canada.”
“We’re fortunate to have a global perspective with crop protection and application trends through our partnership with Nufarm,” says Steve. “We strive to continuously suit the changing needs of growers, and Canada is the perfect opportunity for Croplands Equipment to expand our market and share our knowledge and experience with more growers.”
Canada’s Farm Progress Show attendees can see a demonstration of WEED-IT from Croplands Equipment at booth 6209. Croplands will also be attending a range of other farm shows over the Canadian summer season.