Croplands and WEED-IT once again set the standard for precision spraying

Image of Croplands and WEED-IT once again set the standard for precision spraying

After an extensive testing phase, Croplands Equipment brings WEED-IT Quadro to Australia: the next generation in spot spraying.

Effective weed detection and elimination is becoming increasingly important in cropping systems around the world with herbicide resistance on the rise, less precipitation and increased environmental awareness. To help growers gain the advantage in weed management and control, Croplands Equipment introduces WEED-IT Quadro: the next generation of spot spraying.

The new WEED-IT Quadro system incorporates 10 years of worldwide experience and has been extensively tested and calibrated for Australian conditions.

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The Quadro sensor offers an updated appearance and blue light source with increased power efficiency. Blue LEDs have proven to be more sensitive to weeds and less sensitive to background noise than the red LED-lighting used to date.

Adding to the increased accuracy and efficiency is the new dual core processor which delivers fast communication and high sampling frequency.

To provide better penetration in stubble and minimise shading of small grasses, WEED-IT sensors are placed at one metre intervals across the boom and control four nozzles (individually) on 25cm spacings. The system can be built onto any type and brand of ground glider and trailed sprayer, quad, orchard sprayer, toolbar, self-propelled sprayer and even autonomous sprayers with working widths up to 36m.

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Croplands Equipment Portfolio Manager, Steve Norton, has been working closely with WEED-IT manufacturers to test and calibrate the Quadro sensor with the goal of providing the next level of weed detection.

“Initial testing was undertaken in Australia in January 2018 and since then the Quadro sensor has undergone substantial changes to both the hardware and software,” says Steve.

“In March 2019, a team of three engineers from Rometron spent four weeks in Australia conducting extensive field trials in the Mallee region of South Australia and Queensland. These field trials were crucial in validating the functionalities and finer settings of the new sensor to ensure maximum effectiveness in our varied Australian conditions.”

Croplands has a long history of manufacturing and importing high-quality spray equipment, working alongside growers in the battle against weeds and continuously striving to develop innovative spray solutions.

Central to this is the sophisticated WEED-IT optical spot spray technology. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands by precision spraying specialists Rometron, WEED-IT is the world’s best-selling optical spot spraying system.

Using advanced sensors to detect chlorophyll in the leaves of weeds in fallow fields, the WEED-IT system triggers a targeted herbicide application. WEED-IT is the only technology that calibrates and corrects automatically and ultrafast for different soil and background conditions (dry, wet, shade, night-time).

Croplands has led the charge in bringing WEED-IT to market, having sold over 10,000 WEED-IT cameras in Australia alone and recently taking on the distribution of the technology in Canada.

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WEED-IT technology has proven to assist Australian broadacre farmers delay the onset of herbicide resistance, lower their weed seed bank, improve water retention and achieve substantial chemical savings.

“Croplands are committed to the on-going development of WEED-IT, we will continue to work with growers to understand the challenges they face so that we can create sustainable solutions for the future,” says Sean Mulvaney, Croplands Equipment General Manager.

WEED-IT Quadro will be on display at the Croplands sites at various upcoming field days including AgQuip, Dowerin Yorke Peninsula and Henty.

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